Register turns up short
East End Veterinary Emergency & Veterinary Center catches costly register error

Veterinary hospitals are a critical resource for pet owners who have an emergency and need care for their animals. Their well trained staff and medical personnel often mean the difference between life and death for our furry friends. Recently at one such hospital the register came up short 250 dollars at the end of the day’s operations. Luckily, the hospital recently hired the team at Digital Provisions to install a state of the art IP based Megapixel surveillance system.

“When we went back to review the video footage of the days transactions we could clearly see the entire transaction take place” says Dr. Vatash. “It was clear that it was an honest mistake.” Using the new digital surveillance system, management was able to quickly review the day’s footage and review the transaction in question. “The system performed flawlessly and provided us with the level of detail necessary to pick up the finest of details. We were able to count the bills as they changed hands and determine exactly where the mistake occurred” comments Dr. Vatash. “This was critical in removing suspicion from any of our employees, ensuring our trust remains well placed and our office morale stays high.”

The customer was called and made payment on their account. The cashier was greatly relieved and as always the staff will continue providing quality veterinary care for residents on the east end.


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