Retail Establishment Video Security Systems

Shrinkage, Employee Theft, Liability Issues, we don’t need to tell you why you need security cameras. What we would like to show you is how a newly designed Surveillance Camera System can really help your operations and your bottom line.

Have an expensive item on your shelf, maybe an expensive bottle of wine? With Milestone VMS software you can ‘paint’ that object so that you will be able to instantly search for video of when that object left the shelf, even easily track it from camera to camera to make sure it made it to the register. Once there you can tie it into your POS system to make sure that your employee didn’t sell it to a friend for less that they were supposed to.


Retail Video Surveillance


The features of next generation IP Video Surveillance Camera Systems keep getting better and better, invest in one now and stop letting money slip out the door.

For more information on how we can help secure your retail establishment with a new state of the art security camera system please call us at 631-209-2600.

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