High Definition Megapixel IP Video Surveillance

Anyone who has ever tried to retrieve details from standard cctv system footage will tell you that most often their recorded images are less detailed than they needed them to be.

With todays High Definition, megapixel, and multi-megapixel technology and through quality planning and installation, high levels of detail can be achieved even over large areas. True HD high definition cameras are capable of displaying a 1080p image at 30 frames per second, the same image you get on your latest HD TV.

Megapixel and multi-megapixel cameras can be used to replace several analog cameras because they deliver so much more of the picture. With cameras surpassing the 30 megapixel mark, an extremely large area can be covered with a single camera when compared to traditional analog or even “HD” analog cameras.

Poor quality images can be due to many factors, but most often we find a recurring theme. Customers will understandably have a limited budget for their surveillance system, without the guidance of a trained system designer they will often sacrifice on the number of cameras covering a specific area, say a parking lot for example. When they look at the live image they may think they are ok, but when you factor in recording compression and changing lighting conditions things can get ugly fast.
HD IP Video Surveillance

The only way to reliably determine what you will see is to perform the required pixels per foot calculations and then account for your compression scheme and lighting conditions. Our system designers will ask you what you need to see and then show you exactly how to get that done, taking out all of the guess work and allowing you to invest in a system that works like you expect it to.

For more information on how the latest in high definition and multi-megapixel technology can work for you please call us at 631-209-2600.

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