Capture, Read and React to License Plate Data


Should this vehicle be granted access?

Use XProtect LPR to automatically control access to protected areas and premises. The software’s flexible, user-defined match lists make it easy to add license plates belonging to visitors, temporary personnel and delivery vehicles. Once the pre-defined license plates are identified, vehicles are automatically granted access. This allows the system to initiate automated actions, such as opening a gate, thus increasing work productivity.

License Plate Capture & LPRHas a crime occurred?

Law Enforcement can and will use captured license plate information to catch criminals and make them pay for their indiscretions.

Where was the car in question?

XProtect LPR can be a powerful tool for law enforcement or other agencies needing to track the movements of a suspicious vehicle. Each time a vehicle passes by a camera equipped with XProtect LPR, it is registered in the system. Using XProtect LPR’s reporting functionality, law enforcement officials can create a report showing all of the movements of a particular vehicle within a specified timeframe. The report includes a video thumbnail of the recognized vehicle, a close-up of the license plate and details about the detection time.


License plate recognition enables easy documentation of recognized vehicles with full details, video thumbnails and license plate close-ups.

License Plate LPR

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