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Thermal Network Cameras are a perfect complement to any security system that needs to secure an area 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The thermal network cameras create images based on the heat that always radiates from any object, vehicle or person. This gives thermal cameras the power to see through complete darkness and deliver images that allow operators to detect, and act on, suspicious activity. The cameras allow users to detect people, objects and incidents in complete darkness and difficult conditions such as smoke, haze, dust and light fog.

Thermal IP Video Surveillance

Perimeter protection is a key use for Thermal Cameras. Securing outdoor areas with traditional security cameras can be difficult. Wind, rain, shadows, bodies of water, can all very easily trigger motion detection alerts when there is really no threat present. Using a Thermal camera to detect motion is a much more reliable way to receive alerts that your perimeter has been breached. Combining Thermal Cameras with Video Analytics brings reliable perimeter protection to an even higher level of accuracy.

Thermal IP Camera


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