Covert Video Security – Catching The Crime


Covert cameras catch people doing what they shouldn’t be doing. This could be a clerk skimming sales at the register, a receptionist pocketing your co-pays or a shoplifter stealing your merchandise.

We sell, maintain and service commercial only covert video surveillance systems, installed under full compliance with the law.

Covert security cameras can be stand alone, completely discrete systems where occupants are unaware of a video surveillance presence or be part of a larger traditional system.

  • Hidden Video Surveillance
  • Covert IP Video Surveillance
  • Covert CCTV Video Surveillance

Traditionally the visual “in your face” approach to placement of security cameras serves a dual purpose. Not only are they recording the events for future reference, but their presence has a certain deterrence value associated with it as well. However, not everyone is deterred and others will look to conceal their crime out of the view of the surveillance system.

Covert cameras add an additional layer of defense by covering would be blind spots or frequent areas of crime in your business. This is why complementing traditional security cameras with covert or hidden cameras can lead to getting the whole story.

To learn more about our covert video surveillance and security solutions for Long Island the New York Metro area Contact us for a no obligation consultation. Allow us to show you why Digital Provisions is the right choice in securing your business and your peace of mind.

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