Caught on Camera
Cameras help ID burglary suspect in Selden

A prominent oral surgeon’s office in Suffolk County was recently burglarized during the middle of the night. The perpetrator entered through a front door, breaking the lock and causing considerable damage. While inside the practice he broke open locked drawers, wreaked havoc in the office area and did everything possible to find drugs and other valuables. The burglar finally left the practice by breaking a rear window and crawling out.

Police were called and detectives arrived on the scene to investigate. They retrieved video from the video surveillance system recently installed by Digital Provisions. Proper camera placement resulted in a relatively clear picture of the suspect. Three days later the individual attempted to break into another building but was apprehended mid break in. Detectives were able to ID him using the video footage and tie him to the original break in. The doctor and staff were relived the infiltrator was caught and identified and are confident that he will be brought to justice.

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